Hand in Hand Foundation


About Us

Fred & Bebe Barnes, Founders of Hand in Hand Foundation

We are a private Adoption Agency licensed by the state of California to provide adoption services to families of the Greater Bay Area in Northern California. We specialize in private infant adoptions and public concurrent adoptions (fost/adopt) of children placed in our social service system. These children´┐Żs ages range from infant to elementary and secondary school, and many are adopted as a sibling group.

Hand in Hand Foundation was founded in 1978 by Fred and Bebe Barnes. They have passed their vision on in January 2006 to Dave Boschen who continues providing services for placing vulnerable children into caring families by adoption.

David Boschen, Director of Hand in Hand Foundation

Dave started in 1984 working with children and families as a licensed family therapist in multiple settings including his work overseas supporting orphan projects in Romania, Uganda and Sri Lanka. Whether home or abroad his passion is supporting permanence in children's lives.

Hand in Hand Foundation offers a full continuum of services for domestic adoptions. From initial information to finalization of adoptions, you will receive personal attention each step along the way.