Hand in Hand Foundation


The Adoption Process

Home Study

Completing a Home Study is the first formal step after deciding to become adoptive parents. This is the legal documentation required for all domestic adoptions in California. This ensures each family has the highest potential to care for a child through out their lifetime. By getting to know you, this study will helps us find a very special child or sibling group just for you. It also becomes the tool that represents you to be used by placement workers in charge of the children looking for placement.

Matching Your Family With a Child

While training and interviewing through the home study process, we are learning your strengths and vision for what child or sibling group you are interested in. Once you become interested in a child, we work with county social workers to determine a possible match. We also present our families at monthly match meetings and to county social workers where we have established relationships. Waiting to find the right child is hard, but we continue preparing and educating you for the challenges ahead.

Fitting Into Your Family

Most children start out in your home as a fost-adopt placement. You will be certified as a Hand In Hand Foundation Foster Parent. We provide you with financial support for the child's care, child care training, and counseling for the child and your family as needed. When the child can be legally adopted, and you and the child are ready, we assist you in the completion of the adoption legal process. State law requires that a child live with you for at least six months before adoption is finalized, and the whole process can take up to nine months to a year. We use this as a good season for family bonding.

Concurrent Support

During the time of adjustment and integration of children into your family, we provide regular support time with you in your home. Hand in Hand Foundation staff, social workers, family therapists and childcare professionals are there to help you. In some cases the biological parent still has visitations (away from your home) and we will assist you and the child during this process.

All these issues are known up front prior to placement to be certain we all have the resources to make the placement work.


This last step is the most rewarding for all involved. Since adoption is a legal process, we will help you file all the necessary documents, or in some cases where we cooperate with another agency we will walk you through the final process. It is a great time of celebration and we rejoice with you!