Hand in Hand Foundation


Letter to Birth Moms

Dear Birth Mom,

We are so glad that you are taking the time to explore the option of adoption and the services Hand in Hand Foundation offers. We understand this is a hard time for you, a time when you are feeling vulnerable and alone. Our caring, professional counselors will help you find answers to your questions as well as solutions you can feel confident in. With our agency birth parents are encouraged to be active participants.

Adoption is far from an easy way out. It is a difficult decision to make, but it also is one of the most responsible acts a parent can make for their child. Putting your child’s welfare in front of your own feelings is a true act of love.

Adoption involves placing a child legally and permanently with a family who raises your child as their own. With our agency birth parents are active participants throughout the process. We want birth parents to always know they are valued and appreciated.

Hand in Hand can do the whole adoption. We have prospective adoptive parents who are ready to start a family. We believe that the value of a child's life is of highest priority. What is best for the child will ultimatley be best for you: How can we be of help to you?