Hand in Hand Foundation


Looking for Partners

Hand in Hand Foundation's passion is to place vulnerable children through adoption into loving caring families. We are constantly searching for families or parents-to-be that desire to give of themselves for a lifetime. We strive to find homes where each of these children can grow into caring and capable adults.

We are looking to you as pastors, church leaders, or service club leaders to be our partners in finding caring adults that desire to parent vulnerable children in our society. We believe grace-centered families are the key to changing children’s lives for a lifetime. We have the vision and access to change the lives of these vulnerable children in the greater Bay Area with your help. You have the potential faith-filled families in your comunities where a support system is already in place that would be the answer to permanently changing children’s lives through adoption. Do you know any families, couples, or single adults that desire to provide a home and become the family to any of these vulnerable children?