Hand in Hand Foundation


Our Vision in a Story

Of the approximately 85,000 children cared for by the state of California through the foster care system, 7,500 are eligible to be adopted. These are children that simply know in their hearts they want to feel safe, secure in being loved, and valued in the way that comes best from what a family with loving parents can give.

One of our families came to us after reading a church bulletin announcement about of an adoption meeting. They felt inspired to pursue the possibilities. They found their child's picture within the pages of a County Pictorial Directory of available children. They read the Bio story describing Joey, typical of the many stories of other children awaiting a new home. His biological parents had been determined as unfit to provide daily care due to their own circumstances of addiction and social problems that extended over several generations.

The social services intervene through legal proceedings to make it possible for these kids to find a new loving and safe family by way of adoption. Our family is pictured in the Judges Chambers on the day of the adoption finalization.

Hand in Hand Foundationís passion is to place vulnerable children such as Joey in loving caring families. We strive to find homes where each of these children will grow into caring and capable adults.

We were true to our vision regarding Joey who is now at home in a great caring family that loves and cares for him. It is joyful to see them settled into the daily family routines of home, successfully meeting the normal challenges of life development.